MiniArcade - PiEditionMiniArcade Troubles – Boot stuck??

MiniArcade Troubles – Boot stuck??

I used my arcade machine at an event a few days ago and just recently tried to turn it on to notice it liking to hang on boot. Awesome.

So my process of repair is to find a way to update the packages on RetroPie. Honestly, I didn’t know how to do that when it wouldn’t let me access TTY-1 command line, due to the hang. The hang message was something around the lines of Starting Hold until boot process finishes up … Which I allowed the PI to sit for about 3 hours, and no result.

Once I googled this issue, there were absolutely no answers other than other operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian, which would not fully apply with the fixes they provided. Then there was one StackExchange whom suggested it was a faulty SD card, but who wants to automatically assume that; this is a 64GB MicroSD card, I am not wasting it?

Then I realized I could go into TTY-2 by doing CTRL + ALT + F2, worked like a charm. I ran the, connected to wifi, and updated all packages (Took like thirty minutes ????) and rebooted. Everything works awesome now!






** PS. Ignore the pi root password not changed, just haven’t gotten to it lol; this thing normally stays offline anyways.


#Update: I realized shortly after my buttons were not working, I forgot when I update RetroPie I have to re-install the rpjoystick using the commands

mkdir mkjoystick
cd mkjoystick
Update your system :
sudo sh ./ updatesystem
sudo reboot
Don't forget to reboot (or the next part won't work) and re-run the script without any arguments :
sudo sh ./

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