MiniArcade - PiEditionMiniArcade – PiEdition: Progress, shell made!

MiniArcade – PiEdition: Progress, shell made!

The MiniArcade – PiEdition

I haven’t posted hardly anything online about this yet, besides maybe one forum post, as it isn’t a new concept, although I am pretty proud of it and happy it has came this far.

The whole idea is to have a miniature portable arcade machine that in which will run over thousands of games, if not hundreds of thousands, which I have at my finger tips. This machine is running a Raspberry Pi 3 with RetroPie installed. I soon to hope to make some sort of walk through to making the internals of the MiniArcade, not the inclosure. I will add these instructions soon on my blog.

**Current Part List**
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Tontec® 7 Inches Raspberry Pi LCD Display Screen TFT Monitor
Morris Products 11906 Female Disconnect
2x 40pcs Female to Female 2.54mm 0.1 in Jumper Wires
GoGreen Power GG-13002MS 3 Outlet Power Strip
Generic Power Switch
Generic Power Plug Socket
1 x Arcade Button – 30mm Translucent Yellow
1 x Small Arcade Joystick
1 x Arcade Button – 30mm Translucent Green
1 x Arcade Button – 30mm Translucent Blue
2 x Arcade Button – 30mm Translucent Clear
1 x Arcade Button – 30mm Translucent Red
Random 3ft HDMI Cable

The buttons I have purchased above are quite cheap, I have purchased new one and will make a update post including them later.

The progress of the MiniArcade – PiEdition.

Soon to Final product – not completed yet, needs painting and touch-ups, I plan to be adding more buttons, the one/two player and side buttons. Most of the power, from the power switch to the power strip, audio board, and monitor was done by my step-father; I lack the knowledge at this moment of wiring these up, although I think he just wanted too. The shell/casing is also made by my step-father using Aircraft aluminum and wood.
2016-05-20 22.15.55 2016-05-20 18.39.28

The concept design – out of cardboard and some duct-tape.
2015-08-13 14.45.062015-08-13 14.45.10

The reinforced concept design/prototype – cardboard and lots of duct-tape.
2015-08-21 01.17.48 2015-08-13 14.34.21 2015-08-13 14.45.27 2015-08-13 14.46.08 2015-08-13 14.46.19  2015-08-12 21.29.322015-08-12-21.452015-08-13 14.45.32

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